The team at Innotech Fleet Strategies consists of engineering, operational and project professionals.

Professional Experience

The team at Innotech Fleet Strategies have spent their career in the transportation and vehicle industry in both operational and project leadership roles. Through this they've had the opportunity to visit numerous vehicle manufacturing plants and over 75 maintenance facilities around the globe. This experience has provided the team with a broad understanding of differing standards and industry best practices. The team has hands on experience managing a fleet maintenance facility, managing vehicle and equipment operators and managing engineering teams. It's this cross section of hands on experience that sets us apart!

Sustainability Commitment

Our team lives in British Columbia, Canada which has some of the most pristine and untouched wilderness areas on Earth. This ecosystem inspires our outlook on life and grounds us when the world seems filled with chaos. Our hobbies are centered around our natural habitat and include mountain biking, fishing, camping, hiking and healthy, locally supplied food. This personal appreciation and stewardship for our planet is reflected in Innotech Fleet Strategies vision for clean fleets, clean communities and a clean planet!