Experienced in the transit, refuse, municipal, utility, and construction industries, we provide the following specialty services:

Core Services

  • Zero Emission Vehicle Planning and Implementation

  • Fleet Assessments and Performance Analysis

  • Maintenance Program Development and Optimization

Other Services

  • Project management

  • KPI development

  • Vehicle specification development

Zero Emission Vehicle Planning and Implementation

While zero emission vehicles are not necessarily new, they are gaining momentum through the aggressive targets and incentives from all levels of government. This is propelling the industry and requiring fleets to convert existing internal combustion vehicles to electric, renewable fuels, hydrogen, etc. As a result, the vehicle and fueling/charging technology has progressed very quickly. These technologies have resulted changes how vehicles are operated, maintained, and purchased. To implement zero emission vehicles, you’ll need to work with utility providers, charging station suppliers, construction companies, vehicle suppliers, operational staff and many others. These projects become overwhelming in size and complexity, especially for companies who are lean on resources. As these projects generally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars at minimum, it’s important to develop a plan and efficiently manage the implementation.

Fleet Assessment and Performance Analysis

The importance of understanding how your fleet compares with its peers is more important now than ever. Financial pressures, staffing challenges and vehicle complexity require organizations to ensure their fleet is performing efficiently. This means vehicle types must align with operational needs, critical services must not be compromised, the fleet must have a high utilization and the quantity of vehicles in your fleet must be appropriate. Innotech Fleet Strategies can help you collect this information and ensure your fleet is efficient and effective.

Maintenance Program Development and Optimization

Many companies only think about their maintenance program when it’s not working and vehicles are not available for service. However, by thinking about your maintenance program as a planned function that requires regular review there are often numerous benefits including increased uptime, improved staff retention, a reduction in accidents, reduced costs, an optimized fleet size and many other soft benefits. These benefits will be realized through the core services your business provides which may include improved customer satisfaction, increased business growth, improvements in profitability, improved company image, and even improvements in team culture and morale. Innotech Fleet Strategies is able to help you build a fleet maintenance program, or optimize your current maintenance program, in a manner that meets regulatory requirements and improves key performance indicators.